Graphic Sky Printing Blog by Josh Weybright

This is a blog focused on the printing industry to help share information with our clients. The printing industry is confusing. It is full of jargon and seemingly conflicting information and standards (think paper weights for example). To help educate our clients, and keep from having to repeat the same conversations over and over, I’ve […]

So…You Think You Should Be Tax Exempt (in New Mexico)?

At Graphic Sky Printing, we do a lot of work for artists, state agencies and non-profits. The subject of taxes comes up frequently. New Mexico’s tax laws are unique, and sometimes hard to understand. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the finer details. Fact #1: The seller (Graphic Sky) is responsible for paying […]

5 Tips For Effective Business Cards

A 3.5 inch by 2 inch business tool which is compact, efficient, low-tech, low-cost and keeps working for you long after it leaves your hand. TIP #1 Avoid the template trapTemplates are tempting…They allow a business owner to get a nice, professional looking design without any design experience. So what’s the problem? Everyone uses them! […]

Article: An Artist’s Haven In Santa Fe

(AS SEEN IN FINE LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE) “Autumn Colors” Watercolor by NM Artist Roberta Parry​“These guys are more than printers. They’re artists in the services they provide artists. The best. Including the prices they offer us poor struggling ones.” 2016 Zozobra Winning Artwork by NM Artist Russell Thornton “Working with Josh & Paul and their team, […]

My Advice: Do Not Choose A Local Printer, Here’s Why! (tongue in cheek)

April 1, 2016 So, you’ve got some stuff to print… I recommend you shop online on one of those big name printing websites, maybe one in Canada? There are many advantages to doing so! Heed my advice, and avoid all these annoying consequences: Reasons to choose a big online printer, in a far, far away land: […]

“the US Postal Service Has A New Innovative Service?”

I know, right? This is not the punch-line to a joke, it’s TRUE. Ok, it’s technically not all that new, it has been around for a few years now, but I’m finding many of my business owner clients are unaware of this great new service. It’s way better than the time you paid those high school […]